now — Michał Krzysztof Feiler

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I am currently a first-year student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, having had some winter-semester grades rewritten from last year, although despite maybe having some matching grades for some of my coming summer-semester classes, from similar courses that were part of my curriculum during my first year-one at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń two years ago, i foresee no avail to get anything rewritten this semester.

Everything went remote now, and seems about to continue being remote till May or something, containing the Easter break. Im not going home Easter, because epidemic and i dont want to risk.

By now, just recently having got DWIN graded, i got everything from winter semester passed already.

I am presently not engaged professionally anywhere, although if I have more time I might try getting into doing something in Sealcode's projects. I'm active in their community but so far i dont feel enough connection with their projects and also still am too busy with my current classes that i fell a little behind on but im catching up with all the assignments now and soon i should be up to date with it all.

Recently i even started playing Minetest on their freshly-raised server occasionally.

I am having a public weblog at and something-of-a-wiki of mine at

I doing tasks like TIN05: having to do pixel-perfect html&css to match image, an exercise that felt really bad and jq: last preceding not-satisfying element and A script for getting a Wikipedia article's See also using MediaWiki Parsing API efficiently, and soon im gonna be doing stuff like this installing WordPress assignment.

I live in proximity to the tram loop Sobieskiego, in a flat shared with four other university students, with my room & shared kitchen windows to the west. Presently i am happily alone in here for the epidemic&Easter.

I am somewhat active on Twitter as @mikrfe, and also sometimes on fediverse (Mastodon) as