Last updated in the end of August, 2021.

now — Mika Feiler

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I am no longer a student. It had been a total of four years of being on first- and once second-year of CompSci for three years on AMU Poznań after one year on NCU(UMK) Toruń.

I am presently a NEET (almost), not engaged professionally anywhere. I used to engage with the Sealcode community but never sat down to doing any projects with them. I am currently actively looking for a job, hoping to find something in IT — maybe a Software Engineering junior/intern or an IT Support junior/intern, or Systems Engineering intern. I am very bad in browsing through job postings. Finding a job within a few months is critical to my life currently.

Almost, because I enrolled in an weekend/evening vocational school in pursue of an archives technician qualification.

i occasionally do things and make writeups

  • something of a wiki of mine at
  • kinda same thing (wiki) kinda superceding the above but not exactly at //, also available via Gemini protocol
  • i have another site (, also via Gemini here
  • on that site i have a webGemlog, also via Gemini here. Check it out, recent stuff.
  • (defunct) I used to have a public weblog at and that old stuff's still there but nothing new

    how i live and where i dont

    I am happily living with a significant one of mine in Piątkowo area in Poznań.

    I no longer live at the Sobieskiego address.

    I have by now come out as transgender. I now go by she/her pronouns and a derivatedly changed name. Happily undergoing Hormonal Replacement Therapy for about a year now already.