Mika Feiler's weblinks to small people's sites

Gemini capsules

You should also see my Gem-space reading list at https://g.mikf.pl/gemread.gmi [gemini://]


http://olatheskunk.pl - an old-style website of an acquaitance of mine with an amazing gif on the right. A few texts.

https://palaiologos.rocks - a recent friend of mine writing about APL, maths, and Lisp, but also x86 asm and C. She wrote a Lisp interpreter in Malbogle Unshackled!

https://www.romanzolotarev.com a.a.a https://rgz.ee - an OpenBSD person with how-tos

runbsd.info logohttps://runbsd.info - a site co-mantained by him. It has stories of BSD users.

http://sdomi.pl/weblog/ - a Bash witch doing retrocomputing, hardware, games. Minecraft server in Bash from scratch!

https://ptrcnull.me - a hacker in the infosec meaning as well, Alpine contributor, from web to mobile hardware that she's working on PostmarketOS ports to

https://jakubkivi.github.io - no writing there yet and Polish-language only site but neat to read project descriptions; a young successful robotics and electronics engineer, programmer

https://blog.kuba-orlik.name/about - a prominent figure in popularizing infosec and decentralization awareness, as programmer a founder of https://www.sealcode.it/, co-author in https://www.internet-czas-dzialac.pl/ podcast&blog. Personally considered a friend of mine that I owe much help to.

https://teddydd.me - a computer artist and programmer with a recently started programming (b)log although go there to see some visual art of various techniques as well

https://aiflavours.com - an ex-coworker of mine now publishing educational content on machine learning and Python

https://woffs.de - a German person doing some interesting scripts that recently followed me on fedi

https://dee.underscore.world/ — Dee writes about Nix and programming, also active on fedi.

https://prydt.xyz/ — a femboy vtuber (YouTube channel) who does cute modern C tutorials. Mainly active on fedi (@pry@raru.re, not the one listed on his website).

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