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Friends of mine

Friends I'm in contact with

Very much in contact with

RSS/Atomhttp://sdomi.pl/ - a Bash witch doing retrocomputing, hardware, games. see Minecraft server in Bash from scratch on her weblog!

https://sakamoto.pl/~lili/ - girl very competent in some 90s retrocomputing, freshly composing a proper website with some stuff that were already there

https://n0toose.net/RSS/Atom - doing projects under The Tor Project, HaikuOS, involved in Tenacity the Audacity fork, and much other FLOSS. Occasional blog texts.

friends' splash sites

Patryk Kisielewski

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they have no content hence so

Somewhat in contact with

RSS/Atomhttp://www.pulkomandy.tk - an experienced software developer involved in HaikuOS, designing retro computing hardware, also on fedi

http://olatheskunk.pl - an old-style website with an amazing gif on the right. A few texts.

https://flewkey.com - a friend blogging about software and its community and making music

RSS/Atomhttps://teddydd.me - a computer artist and programmer with a recently started programming (b)log although go there to see some visual art of various techniques as well

https://michci.ooo - self-described a softie who makes computer software (computer programmer) at the end of her academic studies of this dark art

https://prydt.xyz/ — a femboy vtuber (YouTube channel) who does cute modern C tutorials. Mainly active on fedi (@pry@raru.re, not the one listed on his website).

RSS/Atomhttps://dee.underscore.world/ — Dee writes about Nix and programming, also active on fedi.

Friends I'm not exactly in contact with

https://blog.kuba-orlik.name/aboutRSS/Atom - a prominent figure in popularizing infosec and decentralization awareness, as programmer a founder of https://www.sealcode.it/, co-author in https://www.internet-czas-dzialac.pl/RSS/Atom podcast&blog. Personally considered a friend of mine that I owe much help to.

https://mkmozgawa.com/RSS/Atom - along with the above helped me a lot in life and job candidacy

https://wolf480pl.github.io/RSS/Atom - another amazing Linux geek programmer from Poland that I know from quite some time ago, no blog posts in 6 years, also active on fedi

https://www.ever3st.com/ - p01arst0rm's somewhat outdated website

Friends I'm even a bit less in contact with

https://www.romanzolotarev.com a.a.a https://rgz.ee - an OpenBSD person with how-tos

runbsd.info logohttps://runbsd.info - a site co-mantained by him. It has stories of BSD users.

Friends from many years ago with whom contact is not too maintained

https://jakubkivi.github.io - no writing there yet and Polish-language only site but neat to read project descriptions; a young successful robotics and electronics engineer, programmer

https://aiflavours.comRSS/Atom - an ex-coworker of mine now publishing educational content on machine learning and Python

Acquiantances (just recent year or two)

https://woffs.de - a German person doing some interesting scripts that once followed me on fedi

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